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Cryptocurrencies have become a real breakthrough in the development of finance and technology sector; they represent a fundamentally new instrument of payment. In addition to opportunities that digital money offers in the field of global payments, this is also a great opportunity to make money, available to everyone. Due to their volatility, independence and availability, coins allow for speculative trading and getting a huge interest revenue. No investment instrument can display such profitability and high liquidity. Currently, the number of cryptocurrency exchanges is on the increase and the volume of cryptocurrency trading ramps up every day. Billions of dollars are involved in daily transactions in the cryptocurrency market and it is logical that such volumes attract new participants. Experienced traders and beginners engage in high-yield earnings, but most of them depend on good fortune, which fails more often.

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After 24 hours
Min: $ 20
Max: $ 499
Principal included
Ref. commission: 10%
Instant Withdrawal: yes
After 24 hours
Min: $ 500
Max: $ 999
Principal included
Ref. commission: 10%
Instant Withdrawal: yes
After 48 hours
Min: $ 1000
Max: $ 9999
Principal included
Ref. commission: 10%
Instant Withdrawal: yes
After 72 hours
Min: $ 10000
Max: unlimited
Principal included
Ref. commission: 10%
Instant Withdrawal: yes

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Expert management

Nexo Coins Limited consist of team that are financial experts and with many years of successful working experience in Crypto and Forex Trading.

Secure investment

High income, with stable profits daily or weekly, you will earn high and enjoyable income just by sitting in the comfort of your home, earning everyday from us.

High Income

With stable profits daily or weekly, you will get a high and enjoyable income just by sitting in your home and earning everyday from us.

Licenced Company

We are a registered financial management company in United Kingdom, but we trade with our clients and Investors globally.

Website Security

Data security is highly essential in financial markets. We offer comprehensive and complete DDOS protection. The privacy of your financial data is paramount to US.

24/7 Support

Our customer service is available and active 24/7/365, feel free to contact us. We are here to attend to your request promptly and appropriately.


Nexo Coins is a global leader in financial management business, We are not a Start up, we are a team with proven integrity and successful financial track records for over 4 years extending across the global financial markets. Today, the company offers services in more than 40 countries, providing some of the broadest, most sophisticated financial management.

Nexo Coins continues its pioneering work of transforming thousandaires into millions, with advanced financial management skills and experts using intelligent digital and web solutions, including our flagship website. As we continue to seek more strategic ways to expand our offerings in financial management, we have taken steps to ensure that we have the processes, technology to deliver the highest level of service and support to our customers. In 2018 we became officially incorporated, therefore we adhere to strict KYC and AML global compliance standards. Let your crypto work for you.

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